Don’t settle for less.

Live where you want, do what you want, and make what you deserve. Whether that means only doing inspections, analysis, or both, you have a home at WAIV

Highest & Best Use

Highest and Best Use means doing your best because you’re doing what you do best - and love the most. If that’s only doing inspections, only doing analysis, or doing some of each, we give you the choice so you give your clients the quality they deserve.

Ownership Mentality

Ownership Mentality means more than setting your own hours or choosing where you want to work. It means taking pride in what you do and consistently delivering a superior product to your clients.

Upstream Thinking

Upstream Thinking means solving problems before they happen. It requires constantly questioning “the way we’ve always done it” to find the best way to do it. The alternative is to keep dealing with what flows downstream, and that's never pleasant.

Challenges as Opportunities

Challenges as Opportunities is all about attitude. At WAIV, we not only accept Opportunities as they come, we seek them out, because each one is a chance to learn, improve, and grow.

You Matter

You Matter means taking care of our team. For trainees, that’s offering the fastest path to licensure in the industry. For experienced appraisers, it means setting you up for success, whether starting your own WAIV office or joining an established team.

Your Word(s) Matters

Your Word(s) Matters means doing what you say (your word). and saying what you mean (your words). It's about communicating effectively - on the phone, in email, in valuation reports. And it's about effecting your communication - accepting orders, scheduling and keeping appointments, keeping clients updated, delivering reports on time and error free.

Your Team Matters

Your Team Matters at WAIV. Whether you work on your own doing inspections or sit an an office full of coworkers, you're part of a team. Every member of that team - analysts, appraisers, office staff, clients - should constantly be reminded that they matter.

Your Clients Matter

Your Clients Matter means understanding who you ultimately work for. Not only do your clients have other appraiser options, their clients have other lender options. Treat them all with the respect they deserve.

Working at WAIV

Your success is our success. Whether you’ve just decided to become an appraiser or you’re a seasoned professional, there’s no better team to join.